Author Branding


Create a unique “brand” for your book series or pen name.

We can help you develop a unique “brand” for your internet presence, book series, or pen name. At Public Author, we have helped authors develop Imprint Names to create a publishing-house feel to their books.

We can design a complete look, from a logo to a tag line to a mission statement. We will work with you to craft that look that will tell others what you are all about.

How much will it cost? Our author logo designing services start at only


(pricing may be more, depending on optional services, special needs, etc.)

We can design a professional logo just for you, your pen name, or your book series.

1. Author Logo designing $100. and up.

2. Imprint Name and basic logo designing: starting at $100.

Do you want a tag line for your online image? We can create that.

3. Tag Line development $75. and up.

Do you want a “brand” for a series of books, with their own look and/or logo?

4. Book Series Branding development $100. and up.

Do you need help developing a mission statement for your indie publishing business? We can help you get your vision and goals in writing.

5. Mission Statement development $235. and up.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Examples of Author Branding

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