Cover Portfolio

Here are some examples of covers that we have designed for our clients. We have included both fiction and non-fiction sample. Click on any book cover image to see a larger image.


Fallen King coverRoad of Leaves paperback coverRoad of Waters print coverRoad of Leaves e-book coverRoad of Water e-book cover




The Tale of the Trees coverLove Discounted coverAlien in my Tomatoes coverAlien tastes like Chicken coverAlien at the Office cover

Dream MistRoad of Clouds novel



Hiring Church Employees coverPaperwork for Church New Hires coverEmployer's Guide to Hiring People coverHiring Paperwork coverRetailer's Guide to Hiring Employees cover


Letters over the Wall coverMake Your Own Application- book 1Make Your Own Application- Book 2Make Your Own Application- Book 3Kappa Sigma Sigma Centennial

A Mormon's Unexpected Journey


Ready to have us design your book cover?

Please contact us with your specific needs and we will provide a price quote.

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