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Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? We design rich yet practical websites for authors.

Your new website will be a based site, making it very affordable, easy for you to maintain, and simple to update.
Your site will have robust SEO, excellent site visitation analysis, and a beautiful appearance.

We don’t make super-fancy websites, but we do make sites that are practical and professional in appearance.

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How much will it cost?

Our website designing services start at only $675, though pricing may be more, depending on any optional services, special requests, or unique customization.

What is included in a website from Public Author?

Here is a breakdown of what is included and some possible options:

1. Basic Website design $675.
a. Up to 5 new photos included (plus up to 25 photos you provide)
b. Up to 5 pages
c. Up to 5K new words of text
d. We use a website that  offers excellent SEO and that you can later maintain and update yourself. Yearly renewal pricing is low and you pay that directly to WordPress.
e. Basic Author Logo designing is included in this service (extra charge for the optional designing of a more-than-basic logo)

2. Google and Yahoo Local listings assistance $85.
3. Facebook page listing assistance $85.
4. additional Website pages $65. per page
5. additional new photos $55. per photo
6. additional new words of text $75. per 1K new words
7. other options and customization available

Annual renewal fees are your responsibility, payable directly to WordPress. Typical yearly costs are about $30 for websites with ads and $60 for ad-free websites- may be additional costs for optional or premium services. (Ask us for details or see WordPress for more information)

Website updating– Most clients can update their sites on their own, for the WordPress format is simple to use. However, we are happy to provide updating services to those who want such help. Pricing differs, depending on extent of alterations requested.  (Ask us for details)

 Want more details on pricing?

For more details about our pricing for websites and our other services, please see our Price List

 Want to see examples of our work?

ReaderHill website2

For a quick overview of some of the websites that we have designed for our clients, please see our Portfolio

 Ready to order your new website?

Please Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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