Time to be Discovered

Ready to be

At Public Author, we help professionals to be discovered by the world. You have worked hard, developing your skills, and now it’s time for others to learn about you and what you have to offer. We design websites for individuals, businesses, and organization. We also assist with publishing of books, novels, and handbooks. It’s time to be discovered.

Website Services

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? We design rich yet practical websites for entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses.

  • Iris Instruction
  • AB Loren website
  • Cathie Norton.com website
  • EricLorenzen.com website
  • Mormonism to Grace website
  • Tag Warren website

Publishing Services

Are you ready to start selling your book or novel? At Public Author, we assist writers in getting their books self-published. We help with cover design, editing, formatting, distribution set-up, developing your own publishing imprint, and much more.

  • The Tale of the Trees cover
  • Road of Leaves e-book cover
  • Hiring Church Employees cover
  • Fallen King cover
Public Author

Public Author is a service offered by New Wind Business Solutions.

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