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At Public Author, we help professionals to be discovered by the world. You have worked hard, developing your skills, and now it’s time for others to learn about you and what you have to offer. We offer professional assistance with publishing of books, novels, and handbooks. We also design websites for authors, businesses, and organizations. It’s time to be discovered.

Publishing Services

Are you ready to start selling your book or novel? At Public Author, we assist writers in getting their books self-published. We help with cover design, editing, formatting, distribution set-up, developing your own publishing imprint, and much more.

  • Cats, Kids, and Christ
  • The Tale of the Trees
  • Road of Leaves
  • Target the Work Not the Worker
  • Hiring Church Employees
  • Fallen King
  • Work, Woes, and Wisdom
  • Martyrs' Prayers
  • A Mormon's Unexpected Journey
  • The Determining Factor of Faith
  • The Heart Attack that Saved My LIfe
  • Dream Mist
  • Kappa Sigma Sigma Centennial
  • Letters over the Wall cover

Website Services

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd? We design rich yet practical websites for entrepreneurs, authors, and small businesses.

  • Iris Instruction
  • AB Loren website
  • Cathie Norton.com website
  • EricLorenzen.com website
  • Mormonism to Grace website
  • Tag Warren website

News from our Blog

Book Publishing Assist: The Heart Attack that Saved My Life

I recently completed a book project for Russ and Valerie Anderson. The Heart Attack that Saved My Life (and My Ride Back to Health) is the story of Russ having a major heart attack at 39 and then getting back to health by taking up cycling. I helped Russ and Valerie get their dream to…

Book Editing: Letters Over the Wall

I recently completed a refresh of David Strack’s great book, Letters Over the Wall: Life in Communist East Germany. This non-fiction book is a collection of personal letters between four East Germans and high school German teacher David over many decades, offering an intimate look behind the Iron Curtain, revealing what life was like for…

Website Design for Deanna Westedt

Dr. Westedt, an expert at differentiated learning, is launching her career as an education consultant and needed a professional website. She hired Public Author and it was a joy designing her new site. I crafted her site, deannawestedt.com, to highlight her skills and the consulting services she is offering. The site is designed so that…

Public Author

Public Author is a service offered by New Wind Business Solutions.

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