Website Portfolio

Looking for a wonderful website? At Public Author, we seek to create beautiful websites that are also practical. We specialize in WordPress-based sites. Below are some examples of the websites that we have built for various clients. In the first section are websites for individual entrepreneurs and authors. In the second section are websites we’ve made for businesses.

Authors, Blogs, Community, & Entrepreneurs

  • Deanna Westedt website by Public Author
  • Brian Allee
  • Cathie Norton
  • Praying Local
  • Mormonism to Grace
  • Sanctuary Singles website by Public Author
  • Custom Smarts website by Public Author
  • Eric Lorenzen
  • Fast Food Family
  • AB Loren
  • Tag Warren

Business Websites

  • Reader Hill
  • Website Refresh by Public Author
  • Save N Time
  • IRIS Solutions Website by Public Author
  • New Wind Business Solutions
  • Lifted High Construction
  • Public Author website
  • HR Quick Answers
  • Genuine HR
  • Darcie Lynns Bookstore
  • Loyal Guide
Public Author

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