Wondering how much it will cost? We seek to offer practical services at great prices. We can help with your internet presence, branding, book formatting, website designing, and book covers. Below you will find a general price list, along with links to the pages that give more details on each service.

 Package Deals

Do you offer discounts or package pricing?

We do offer discounts to repeat clients and to those who purchase multiple services from us.

Package Pricing Chart- Fiction

Add $200 to the price of each package for typical Non-Fiction projects.
See our Package Deals page for more details.

 Individual Services

We also offer a la carte services, where you can pick just those publishing services that you need.

Website Designing

1. Basic Website design $675.
a. Up to 5 new photos included (plus up to 25 photos you provide)
b. Up to 5 pages
c. Up to 5K new words of text
d. We use a website that  offers excellent SEO and that you
can later maintain and update yourself. Yearly renewal pricing is low and you
pay that directly to WordPress.
e. Basic Author Logo designing is included in this service (extra charge for the optional designing of a more-than-basic logo)

2. Google and Yahoo Local listings assistance $85.
3. Facebook page listing assistance $85.
4. additional Website pages $65. per page
5. additional new photos $55. per photo
6. additional new words of text $75. per 1K new words
7. other options and customization available

Annual renewal fees are payable by you, directly to WordPress. Typical yearly costs are about $30 for websites with ads and $60 for ad-free websites- may be additional costs for optional or premium services. (Ask us for details or see WordPress for more information)

Website updating– Most clients can update their sites on their own, for the WordPress format is simple to use. However, we are happy to provide updating services to those who want such help. Pricing differs, depending on extent of alterations requested.  (Ask us for details)

Learn more on our Author Website page or view some of our past project in our Website Portfolio.


Book Formatting

E-book Formatting– about $360. (depending on length and complexity of manuscript)

Print Book Formatting– about $360. (depending on length and complexity of manuscript)

1. We will take your Word or PDF file and turn it into two types of files: mobi (for Amazon’s Kindle) and epub (for Barnes and Noble Nook and most other online retailers)

2. Includes formatting of chapters for e-book’s table of contents

3. Includes up to 6 Client-provided artworks or photos (must be in jpeg format)

4. Includes Client-provided cover (must be in jpeg format)

5. For typical manuscripts of 40,00 to 90,000 words. (for anything smaller or larger or requiring unique formatting needs, please contact us for adjusted pricing)

6. Other options and customization available for an additional cost:

a. Assistance setting up an online account with CreateSpace: $50.

b. Uploading your Print Book to CreateSpace (includes up to 2 proof copies of book): $80.

c. Assistance setting up online accounts with the four major online retailers/ distributors (Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and Draft2Digital): $70.

d. Uploading your E-book to four major online retailers/distributors: $60.

Learn more on our Book Formatting page.


Cover Designing

Pricing starts at $135, but varies depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us and tell us more about the “look” you are wanting for your book and then we will gladly provide you with a quote.

Learn more on our Cover Designing page or view some of our past projects in our Cover Portfolio.


Manuscript Editing

We offer Copy Editing and Line Editing. Pricing starts at $550 for an average-length novel, but varies greatly depending on many factors, including:

1. Manuscript Length

2. Quality of Manuscript/ Level of English competence

3. Whether Fiction or Non-Fiction

4. Manuscript Formatting

We only accept manuscripts that are formatted to industry standard: in MS Word, 1″ margins, 12 pt font (Times New Roman, Calibri, or Garamond), 8.5″ x 11″ page size, double-spaced.

Quoted price may change after our initial review of the manuscript, should we find additional issues that we were unaware of.

Learn more on our Manuscript Editing page.


Publishing Services

We offer many other additional publishing services. Our rates are reasonable and one-time (we don’t take a percentage of your future earnings). Pricing varies on these services, depending on the complexity of the project. Here are some  the services that we offer:

1. Assistance with setting up online accounts for self-publishing

2. Book marketing and advertising assistance

3. Help with uploading of e-books to major booksellers

4. Development of book series branding

5. Author logo development

6. Book Cover Designing

7. Book Formatting

8. Author Websites

9. Assistance with setting up social media pages/ sites

10.  Help with setting up distributor accounts

11. And many more services

Learn more at our Publishing Services page or Contact Us for a quote.


Author Branding

1. Basic Logo designing $70. and up.
2. Tag Line development $175. and up.
3. Book Series branding $300. and up.
4. other product designing services are available

Learn more at our Author Branding page.


Are there any restrictions on the types of projects you will do?

Yes, we reserve the right to to refuse projects proposed to us. We want to complete all projects in a timely manner, so sometimes we will refuse a new client or project due to our workload or due to the complexity of what is being asked. Below are some further restrictions on the types of projects that we will undertake:

We do not design websites or provide other services that are erotic, glorify criminal activities, advocate for illegal actions, or infringe on any proprietary or other rights of third parties.

We do not design websites or other services that:
1. Violate or infringe on the rights of others, including without limitation patent, service mark, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights;
2. Are unlawful, deceptive, fraudulent, defamatory, slanderous, libelous, adult-themed, or advocate or glorify illegal activities;
3. Impersonate any person, business or entity, or in any way falsely state or misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; or
4 Violate our Terms of Use or any other guidelines or policies posted on this website.

Thank you for your interest in the services of

Public Author

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