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Help for Crossbooks Authors

Are you one of the many authors left stranded by the sudden closing of Crossbooks?
If so, you might want to look at the services offered by Public Author. We can help you get your manuscripts turned into e-books and print books. We can assist you in setting up accounts with the major online booksellers and uploading your books to those sites. We can also design a new author website for you. More importantly, we can help you get your files back from Crossbooks and get you back in print and we can do all this for much lower price.

Is your book suffering because of the Crossbooks’ closure? There is no reason for your Crossbook non-fiction books or novels to suffer any longer. Let us help you bring them back to the market. And we will do it in a way where you will remain in control of your books, website, and e-books.  We will help you to put the Crossbooks troubles behind you.

We do all these services for reasonable prices. Public Author never takes a percentage of your future sales. Please look around our website and see the many services we offer. We are glad to help the many authors left hanging by the closing of Lifeway’s Crossbooks. We are sorry for the stress or confusion you are facing and we hope we can alleviate them for you.

Crossbooks Authors, please see us to get your books and novels back in print and available to bookstores and online book retailers. Have Public Author help you today.

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Book Formatting

Cover Designing

Publishing Services

Thank you for considering us. We want to help get your book or novel back out there for the public to find.

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