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Help for Tate Publishing Authors

Are you one of the many authors worried about the troubles at Tate Publishing? If so, you might want to look at the services offered by Public Author. We offer practical help to writers: websites, book formatting, cover design, and other publishing services. Have Public Author guide you through the whole publishing process, or hire us just to do a few of the steps along the way. We are here to help our authors succeed, and to earn their repeat business.

TATE PUBLISHING TROUBLES: It is reported that Tate Publishing is facing a lawsuit from Xerox for unpaid bills, along with a possible federal investigation of by the Department of Labor. (See our article Is Tate Publishing Going Bankrupt?) Please note, that these are just allegations against Tate Publishing. These allegations may prove to be false. However, it is definitely troubling times for any Tate author.

We are here to help any authors left hanging by the troubles at Tate Publishing. We are sorry for the stress or confusion you are facing and we hope we can alleviate them for you. We saw a similar thing happen to authors deserted by WinePress Publishing when that company went bankrupt, and by authors abandoned by CrossBooks when that press ceased to exist. Once again, we are not claiming that Tate Publishing is going out of business, but we do think that Tate authors should give careful consideration to their relationship with the company.

Get your Manuscript files: We would encourage Tate authors to request the master files to their books, just in case things get worse at Tate Publishing. We think it is always a prudent move for authors to retain their book files. Also, we would encourage any Tate author to carefully review their contract with Tate Publishing to see if they can easily and quickly break free of that company, should they choose to go a different publishing path.

Author Websites Lost: We saw numerous authors lose their website domains when WinePress went bankrupt and it was a messy business trying to regain control of those websites. They failed to renew domain registrations during their final months of operations and numerous websites ended up abandoned. One author we assisted lost two domain names. We were able to reclaim one, but the primary domain had been snatched up by a Japanese company that specializes in grabbing abandoned website domains. We were able to purchase it back for her, but then we had to completely rebuild her author website. We are not claiming that this has occurred to any author websites controlled by Tate Publishing, but we are sharing this story as a cautionary tale. If Tate is in control of your website, please pay careful attention to when it needs to be renewed. We encourage all Tate Publishing authors to regain control of their websites if someone else is running it now.

AN ALTERNATIVE TO TATE: We would encourage Tate authors to consider using our services (or the services of companies similar to ours) to get your book published. There are definite advantages to going with a publishing services business like Public Author, costing you less and earning you more in royalties. Continue reading to learn more about pricing, security, control, and empowering of authors.

PRICING: Where Tate Publishing charges authors thousands of dollars to publish their books, we do not. All of our services are offered for a one-time fee; we will never charge you a percentage of your future sales. We are also upfront about our fees, since we don’t believe in surprising our authors with unexpected expenses. (See our Pricing page or Package Deals page for our current pricing.)

SECURITY: We are a publishing services business, not a vanity press or a traditional publisher. We help set up your accounts directly with some of the largest names in the publishing and book retail industry and you retain control of those accounts. We help you sell directly to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple, CreateSpace, and more. No more middle-man like Tate Publishing, Xulon, WestBow, WinePress, or CrossBooks that might go bankrupt or close their business, taking your files with them.

CONTROL: You retain control and copyright over your manuscript. You make the final decisions about content and appearance. You receive 100% of the royalties paid. You maintain full control of your author website and domain name. In addition, you get all the final files from us at the completion of your project. At Public Author, our authors remain in-charge.

EMPOWERED AUTHORS: As we mentioned earlier, we are neither a vanity press nor a traditional publisher. We are a publishing services business, helping authors through the process of self-publishing professional-quality books. We can help you get your manuscripts turned into e-books and print books. We can assist you in setting up accounts with the major online booksellers and uploading your books to those sites. We can also design a new author website for you. We do all these services for reasonable prices. Public Author never takes a percentage of your future sales. Please look around our website and see the many services we offer.

Tate Publishing authors, if you have decided to leave Tate and are looking for a new place to publish your book, please see us. We can help get your non-fiction book or novel back in print and available to bookstores and online book retailers. Have Public Author help you today and put your Tate Publishing troubles behind you.

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Thank you for considering us. We want to help get your book or novel back out there for the public to find.

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